Wednesday Words: Defining vanilla as well as other sexy terms

Wednesday Words: Defining vanilla as well as other sexy terms

Each Wednesday, we answer one of the burning questions on your blog. This week Anonymous asks:

Simply want to state the podcast is loved by me. I do believe you’re wonderful, Dawn. I discovered you on Spotify and I’m proud to state that I’ve paid attention to all your valuable programs. It just took me personally a couple weeks! I love paying attention to you read listener tales and you also sharing your very own tales since well. Plus, all the wonderful guests on the show. I’ve actually discovered lot and share things with my hubby on a regular basis.

I need to be truthful. We start thinking about myself pretty vanilla, but in no way is the intercourse my guy and I have is dull or boring. It’s awesome.

I suppose a very important factor I would like to ask if you could maybe give your own definition of what some things are is I think it would be really great. Like, we had never ever heard the word ‘vanilla’ until we heard it on your own show. Dawn you’re so good at explaining shit. You will do it in method that I am able to comprehend. You’re simply awesome.

So yeah. In the event that you could, is likely to terms, break up what something opportinity for those of us that don’t have such a wonderful intimate language as you. Love your stuff, Dawn, and miss Dylan so fuckin much! Continue reading “Wednesday Words: Defining vanilla as well as other sexy terms”